The last thing you want is a leak in the roof of a storage container. Protecting the contents is a priority. Using a shipping container for storage can give peace of mind that the contents will always be safe.

The roof of a shipping container is simply a corrugated sheet metal with a small side pitch to shed water. The roofs are made up of specially formulated steel called Cor-Ten steel that does not warp if there is standing water on it. But if water pools in a particular spot over an extended period, the roofing can start deteriorating. You could then encounter rusting, leading to small pinholes in the roof.

When containers are stacked, you need to check the roof for dents, which can be a result of stacking. These dents can collect rainwater and cause corrosion. So to ensure the longevity of a container, paying particular attention to the container roof and overall drainage of the shipping container is key. To protect the roof from any deterioration follow a few easy steps.

Buy the Shipping Container From a Reputable Source

Carolina Containers shipping container It’s imperative to inspect the quality of the storage container personally. To ensure a quality purchase, you should check the age and condition of the container and look for any significant damage. Also, check if the container can be altered and modified according to the needs. At a reputable container seller, containers are carefully selected and can be modified to customer’s specifications.

Clean Visible Surface Rust and Dirt

A container that was frequently exposed to sea air full of salt will corrode much faster than one in a climate with only wet and dry cycles. This quickening of corrosion is because the sea salt atmosphere speeds up the oxidation reaction resulting in rusting. To protect the container, use mild bleach, a commercial wetting agent, or anti-mildew solution to release dirt and rust.

Avoid Putting Too Much Weight on the Roof

office Although the container has extremely durable corners, the center part of the container roof is considerably weaker than the rest because it is not designed or constructed to handle weight. The top of your container will flex if you store heavy items on it or walk across the roof. If rooftop storage is needed, a supplier should reinforce the roof, which will make the roof strong enough to be utilized.

Remove Standing Water, Debris, Snow, and Ice

Standing water, snow and ice can accumulate on the roof for extended periods. If it is ignored for too long, it may lead to corrosion, rust, moisture intrusion, and thinning of metal. After weather episodes, make sure you clean off the roof as soon as possible.

A shipping container is excellent for storage. Whether you are using a used container or buying a new one, a little maintenance will extend the life of the container and protect its contents for years.

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