Many people have mess all over the place and think that all it’s going to take is some elaborate storage system in the home improvement store and everything is going to be fine.

A couple of ledges here and a few more drawers there… and presto!

Everything is organized.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case most of the time.

I used to have clients call me up because all they needed was a “system” for their cabinet or garage.

Nevertheless, as soon as I get to their dwelling, I realize the issue is much deeper and exceptionally common.

And usually, adding storage only conceals a bigger dilemma.

See, some people think just by placing in storage they could keep more stuff, when in fact all that is happening is you are moving things around, getting you believe you’re more arranged, but in reality you still possess the same quantity of clutter … it’s merely a little tidier.

Before you even consider getting more storage options, you need to do an actual, honest assessment of the things you have.

I can guarantee you can eliminate A LOT of things.

Clothes, books, tools, cartons of who-knows-what, spare parts, junk…junk…junk.

Before you even consider spending money on storage systems – whether it is high-end elaborate shelving units or inexpensive metal shelving, begin with the real problem – the mess.

Eliminate things you do not want and need. Clear the counters off. Empty the drawers. Have a yard sale and clear some space. That’s the only way you can have a well organized and tidy home.

After you’re done with that, that’s the time you’d need to get a good storage container. Steel storage containers are popular among as it is great for limited physical space but provides safe storage.

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