Shipping containers are an incredible storage and transportation device. These glorified steel boxes revolutionized cargo transportation across land and sea. Durable and reliable, these containers can be found all across the world. Shipping container sales and their use are consistently high, and so some might ponder just how long the average shipping container lasts.

Shipping Container Design

Shipping containers are designed to take a lot of abuse and see a lot of use, and as a result, they can last for up to twenty-five years. Despite this, shipping containers are often only used once for shipping and then spend the rest of their days as storage or in some other capacity, including oversized paperweight.

The reason for this is pragmatic economics. The cost of transporting an empty shipping container is often more than only purchasing a new or used one to replace the transported container. As a result, the containers tend to build up, but fortunately, their long life and durability make them incredibly versatile.

Storage Containers

Shipping containers are often used for large storage at locations such as construction sites. Their large size and longevity mean they can be set, loaded, and even moved from site to site relatively quickly. Another everyday use due to their lasting nature is for mobile offices, classrooms, and the like. Their large size and portability make them ideal for quick and cheap office space, as long as the user of such an office doesn’t mind Spartan accommodations.

Though durable and long-lasting, that’s not to say storage containers don’t need at least some maintenance to keep going strong. Their hinges need to work and paint to prevent storage, and conversion to an office or classroom can require a bit of work. By and large, though, the containers should perform just fine in whatever capacity you have in mind for them as long as it takes the whole giant steel box issue into account.

Repurpose Shipping Containers

Though they tend only to be used for cargo transport once, shipping containers can easily last over twenty years. This once-use practice means plenty of shipping containers in decent condition can be used for storage, mobile offices, and even transportation of supplies and cargo. Shipping container sales are high because of shipping costs for empty ones, but there are plenty of used ones on the market. Taking advantage of that situation means there are opportunities to save money when looking for cheap office and storage space.

Carolina Containers

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