Shipping Containers come in many different sizes and door configurations. The most usual containers are 8′ wide, 8’6″ high and come in 10′, 20′, 40′ and 45′ lengths.

Standard features include 1 1/8″ thick marine grade hard wood laminated floors; heavy gauge welded steel sides and roof, double cargo doors, forklift pockets, and pressure ports. Shipping Containers are excellent for everything! They may be exceptionally strong; they’re virtually theft-proof, weather tight, and portable, not to mention the never-ending modifications that can be done to your container. View our case projects and our custom alterations sections for other uses.

All levels of municipalities use on site storage or modified containers, Carolina Containers has provided 10′ 20′ 24′ 40′ & 45’containers for temporary storage while buildings are being renovated, concession stands, air quality stations, sports equipment storage, record storage, parks & recreation gear storage such as 4 wheelers, mowers, weed eaters and much more.

Producers and retailers generally out grow their facilities and need our storage containers for storing excessive inventories of raw goods, finished goods, gear, extra displays, hazardous material storage, and record storage.

Construction companies enjoy having the security our containers provide for storing their little vehicles, gear, small tools, supplies and building materials. We frequently alter containers for contractors to provide office space in addition to storage. Many business sites may demand an on site project manager, those supervisors want office space to run their daily company. The offices are insulated, and finished with a permanent surface and trimmed with aluminum. Electric and HVAC systems can be installed to accommodate individual needs.

The agricultural industry normally uses our containers to keep their small vehicles, equipment, small tools, supplies, pesticides, fertilizer, tack gear, and feed storage. A number of examples of Private/Individual/Residential needs for a storage container comprise furniture storage, yard equipment storage, holiday screen storage, workshops, offices, car ports, animal shelters, storage during a remodel, moving cross country or around sea’s, motor cycle storage, and car storage.