20-office-containerThe lifespan of shipping containers goes well beyond carrying cargo on trailers, trains and marine vessels over long distances. Shipping containers are made of one of the most durable construction materials today, steel. Used shipping containers still have quite a number of interesting uses after retiring from shipping.

Barn houses

Used shipping containers make great barn houses. Traditionally, barn houses were often made of wood. Unfortunately, this made it extremely easy for fires to bring down the barn to ashes in just a matter of hours. Steel is a fireproof material making it great for barn house construction. The cargo containers are heavy and water tight which protects the barn house from bad weather throughout the year. It is the ideal solution for areas prone to tornadoes, hurricanes, and rainstorms.

Pop up container shops

Looking to start a business but have no idea where to set up? You can go the food truck way and use an old shipping container to make a pop up container shop. You can use this container to sell all kinds of items on the streets. Most pop up container shops have sliding or adjustable doors to fit the objective of the business. The interior is quite spacious and can be used to prepare fast foods such as burgers, hot dogs or burritos. You can design the old storage container to lift up the sides when the shop is open; this provides shading for your customers.

Schools and children play areas

Recycled containers have also been used in the construction of school building and play areas for children. All you need is a couple of windows, doors, insulation and some ventilation. The shipping containers can be used to create libraries, playrooms and small classrooms for all kinds of activities.


Swimming pools

Swimming pool construction can be quite expensive. But shipping containers already have the depth and shape desired for a swimming pool. All you need to do is dig a huge hole into the ground that fits the dimension of the container. Construct the drainage system, insert the container and seal it for any leaks. You can fill it up with water and enjoy your very own creatively designed swimming pool.

Portable office container

With a little interior finishing and design, you can also use shipping containers to create portable offices. If you operate a mobile information desk or have teams working in various job sites, you can use this portable office to ensure you can always keep the work going while on the move.

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