Carolina Containers shipping containers Shipping containers are a wonderful invention that revolutionized global trade. Goods can be stored, stacked, and transported from one end of the earth to another with ease. They’re also useful as building materials and personal storage. For a company seeking to expand into shipping, obtaining such containers is the next big step for business expansion. Knowing what to look for when buying a shipping container or multiple containers can save a lot of headaches.

Be an Informed Shipping Container Shopper

Global trade is ever-expanding, and the production and use of shipping containers increase with it. At the same time, shipping containers tend to be treated like wooden pallets, in that, after just a few uses, they start to pile up at the edges of docks and stockyards. This stockpile means there are a lot of gently used shipping containers that can be bought for less than new ones. Buying used is often a good start when looking to make significant shipping expansions in a business, but it also means the buyer needs to keep an eye on the quality of the item in question.

When it comes to shipping containers, the main concerns are the condition, the size, and the type of container. Shipping containers can vary from ten to 45 feet in length, so knowing the size a company needs before buying is vital. Containers can be used just a few times or multiple times over long distances. Checking that a shipping container is water-tight and wind-resistant, will allow it to be used for years. What a company plans to do with a container also naturally dictates what type they purchase.

Buying Used is a Gamble, be Smart About what you buy

Finally, there’s the condition of the container. Buying used goods can be a gamble, and knowing what to look for is essential. The structural integrity of a shipping container is vital. Its weak points are the corners, so any bent metal in those areas means compromised structural integrity. Damaged flooring is another problem, as are worn out hinges and locks. Buying a damaged container risks any goods transported in it and thus a company’s profits. Making sure the container is in good shape despite being used is an essential step in the path to expanding a business’s shipping capabilities, considering everything before a purchase is just as valid with shipping containers as it is with anything else.

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