There’s an increasingly popular trend in the construction industry – prefab shelters (aka modular shelters). According to recent statistics, the market share of modular construction is expected to reach $130 billion by 2023 from $92 billion in 2018. This unprecedented demand is fueled by several factors, including affordability, versatility, and sustainability of the structures. Interestingly, more and more people are opting to use shipping containers in the construction of prefab shelters. With this in mind, this article highlights some of the reasons why shipping containers are the best prefab shelters.

The Customizability of Shipping Containers

Carolina Containers shipping containers Shipping containers are specifically designed for convenience in logistics. They’re relatively easy to transport and load – as long as you have access to forklifts, cranes, and a truck. On the contrary, other flimsier prefabricated construction material can be damaged during installation or shipping. Shipping container modular shelters are well-suited for multiple placements.

Easy and Quick installation

Planning to set up an audio equipment shelter, equipment shelter, electrical control room, or servers in a remote location? If so, consider using repurposed shipping containers as prefab shelters. The structures can be unloaded and set up at the job site in a few hours (or even minutes). You can also design plumbing and power connection ports into the shipping container for seamless installation. All you need is level ground or a pre-poured foundation, and you’re good to go.

Flexible and Versatile

Shipping contains can be modified to meet specific needs – in line with each application. So if you expect to work in a wet area, install waterproof walls and flooring. Other modifications include pest-resistant seals, floor drains, HVAC systems, plug-and-play plumbing/electrical connections, and utility ports built to your specifications.

Durable and Secure Structures

Why Shipping Containers Are The Best Prefab Shelters 2 Prefab shelters have often been questioned for their durability and security. A structure that can be assembled on-site should be easy picking for burglars and must have a short shelf life, right? Well, this isn’t the case with shipping container modular shelters. A structure constructed from galvanized steel is significantly stronger than alternative prefab shelters made from wood. Besides, shipping containers are designed to shrug off harsh environmental conditions at sea so they can withstand the harshest environments.

Shipping Containers are Sustainable

What comes to mind when someone mentions ‘eco-friendly’? Most people think in the line of recycling – forgetting the other 2 R’s (Reduce and Reuse). Building prefab shelters out of shipping containers is a great way to reuse them. This reusing also reduces the number of natural resources and building materials used in construction.

Why Wait?

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