How To Effectively Store Your Cold Gear In Your Storage Container

With Summer Around the Corner, What About Storing all That Winter Gear? 1 Now that the cold weather is wrapping up, you probably need to clear it all to make room for your summer clothes and stuff! Fortunately, storage containers can come in handy for this exact reason and they can be very convenient for storing all your heavy-duty winter gear without taking up much space around your home. Here are some tips to help you store all your cold weather gear in your storage container more effectively until the next time winter comes around.

Store Everything Clean if you Want to Take it Out Clean!

Storage containers are usually airtight so before you pack your cold gear, ensure you dry clean, or wash everything prior to packing. Any lingering oils from your perfumes and deodorants can discolor clothing and you may end up with musty-smelling clothes come winter in your storage container Raleigh. Put it in how you want it to come out!

Ensure your cargo container is located in a cool and dry place before you put any of your things inside. Your winter clothes should be in a cool, dark storage area and if your storage container has shelves, ensure they are clean before you put your things on them.

Boxes in Your Container

Containers Protect Construction Materials Use opaque containers to keep your winter gear instead of clear ones as these opaque ones will keep out the light and prevent discoloration of clothing inside the shipping container Raleigh NC. Ensure you also label the containers in order to identify the contents when you need to take them out again. Additionally, do not use cardboard boxes to store your winter gear in the storage container as they can attract insects and they are not as airtight as sealable plastic storage containers. Pro tip: roaches LOVE cardboard. Specifically, they love the glue in it.

Sprinkle some baking soda into your shoes and boots prior to packing them away to help in absorbing existing odors and preventing them from spreading to other clothing items in the cargo container. When you will need to use your winter gear again, all you have to do is dump the baking soda out before use.

Keep your Container Clean & Tidy

If you are trying to keep insects at bay in your cargo container then mothballs are not ideal. Not only are they ineffective, but they also have a terrible smell and they are toxic to pets and people. Alternatively, use small pouches of cedar chips or lavender inside the storage boxes or garment racks in your cargo container. Cedar wood has essential oils that can keep off beetles and adult moths. On the other hand, cedar can lose its effectiveness after some time, so it is good to rub the cedar chips or blocks with sandpaper occasionally to promote the release of new oils.

When packing your cold gear, it is good to place your heaviest clothes at the bottom of your storage containers because storing lighter items under heavy items causes them to stretch out or crease. It is also advisable never to store your clothing on the floor of your cargo container directly without any protection. If there are any windows in your cargo container, it is also advisable to keep your winter gear away from these areas.

So if you’re ready to start switching everything out, give us a call and we can hook you up with the perfect shipping container! Whether it be the 10′ cube or the 40′ open side for your snowmobile, we’ve got what you need!