Storage container transportation



Need a container moved from one construction site to another? We’ve got you when it comes to moving storage containers! Need a conex container picked up from a freight yard?  We’ve got you! Customs has your container? We can get your container out of customs and move that too! We have specialized vehicles to move your storage container and can move up to a 40 foot storage container! Who moves storage containers? WE DO!

We specialize in:

  • Door to Door Storage Container Moving
  • Moving Up to 40 Foot Shipping Containers
  • Both Stackable and Non-Stackable Containers
  • Secure Transport of Your Storage Container

What Makes This Such a Terrific Option?

First and foremost, we’re known for ease of access. The trouble of finding and picking up a moving truck, loading and unloading it (have you attempted hauling heavy stuff up among those wobbly ramps? Yeah, no thanks), and then getting the truck back without having to pay for damages is dreadful. With us, the containers come to you, when and where you would like them, and then leave again just as easily. We offer the complete greatest balance between low cost and low-hassle moving and storage. It truly doesn’t get any better than having your cargo container dropped off directly to you, and being able to access it at any moments notice!

Second, there’s no rush. It’s possible to take several hours to load your storage containers, or even a couple of days. It’s entirely your decision and your program. Our containers fit readily in reasonably small spaces, and are highly weather resistant, so it’s safe to leave them outside while you load and unload.

Our containers are secure, so you can lock them up when they’re at your home, and when they’re in storage as well. Along with the container locks, our storage facility is risk-free too, so that your possessions are extremely well shielded. So, if you’re looking for Raleigh NC storage containers, give us a call, today!

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