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Shipping Container Rentals

shipping container rentals raleigh nc 1 Our rental fleet offers several different storage unit options.
Our most popular size options are the 20’ or 40’ storage units. Standard shipping containers are made with heavy duty steel with the ability to withstand both industrial and residential demands. The 20’ unit offers ~160 sq. feet of storage while the 40’ unit offers ~320 sq. feet of ideal lockable storage for your home or business. All units in the Carolina Containers rental fleet are pre-equipped with a steel lock box that provides additional security. This lock box encases the standard container lock to prevent theft, damage, and tampering. Each unit in our rental fleet will be painted a neutral gray color.

You can rent sturdy steel shipping containers and have them delivered them to your site! These containers are secure and ready to use as soon as they arrive. Monthly rental units through Carolina Containers are available immediately! Get a GREAT PRICE on a shipping container rental by calling us today!

What Makes This Such a Terrific Option?

storage container rental raleigh nc First and foremost, we’re known for ease of access. The trouble of finding and picking up a moving truck, loading and unloading it (have you attempted hauling heavy stuff up among those wobbly ramps? Yeah, no thanks), and then getting the truck back without having to pay for damages is dreadful. With us, the containers come to you, when and where you would like them, and then leave again just as easily. We offer the complete greatest balance between low cost and low-hassle moving and storage.

Second, there’s no rush. It’s possible to take several hours to load your containers or a couple of days. It’s entirely your decision. Our containers fit readily in reasonably small spaces and are highly weather-resistant, so it’s safe to leave them outside while you load and unload.

Our conex containers are secure, so you can lock them up when they’re at your home, and when they’re in storage as well. Along with the container locks, our storage facility is risk-free too, so that your possessions are extremely well shielded. So, if you’re looking for Raleigh NC storage containers, give us a call, today!

We’re more than happy to rent to you long-term or short-term, and we’re always glad to sell you your own container to use as you see fit forever! Regardless of your circumstances or needs, feel free to just talk directly with us and we’ll help you figure out how to get what you need. 

We also provide rental office units!

Do you need an office for your home or jobsite?  We rent both 20’ and 40’ ground level offices! You can rent a 20’ GLO (ground level office) unit pre-equipped with a 3’ x 7’  man door, overhead lighting, electrical outlets, windows, and an AC system.  We also office a 40’ office/storage combo unit with the same amenities, as well as a large provide storage area.  A combo unit is perfect for those who need secure storage AND office space. 

Please contact us today for a delivery quote on your next shipping container!

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