paint repair storage containers_optTransport shipping containers come in handy especially to companies that are involved in importing and exporting goods. The containers can transport all over the world. They are different depending on the products that they will be used to transport. So when making an order from the providers, you will have to specify the nature of materials and the size you need as well. Size is based on the quantity of goods that will be fitted in the container.

These days, shipping containers have found other uses rather than just transportation. Homeowners and businesses are investing in the containers to create more storage or working space. In some areas, their use has been extended to building living homes. Once you buy a container, you can use all your creativity to turn it into anything you like.

Some of the transport shipping containers that you will find in the market include:

Dry shipping containers

As the name suggests, these containers are used to transport dry goods that do not require special treatment like temperature control. They are designed to be waterproof, mostly with one lockable door.

Open top containers

The open top containers do not come with a solid roof like the dry shipping containers. Rather, they have a waterproof cover and a removable bow. The cover is maintained on top of the container by use of ropes. The open top makes it simple to load and unload stuff from the container. In transport, they are usually used for the very bulky goods.


Open side

These containers have doors on one side that give a wide opening for easy loading and offloading.

Thermal regulated containers

Thermal regulated containers are used to transport or store goods that require temperature control.

Custom containers

If the items are quite of unusual shape, you can always order for one to be custom made to fit your goods.

Container dimensions

Transport shipping containers are usually in dimensions of 10, 20 and 40 foot. Mostly 10-foot containers are custom made. 40-foot containers provide a wide transport or storage space of approximately 320 sq ft. They are commonly used by contractors, manufacturers, automotive dealers, warehouse, and retailers who need additional space. 20-foot containers are common among homeowners, retail shops, convenience stores, and schools.

Depending on your needs, your provider will help in choosing a transport shipping container with the right dimension and features. Check this out for more information.


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