Steel shipping containers are a lot more versatile than people realize. Conex containers are being used in areas beyond just transportation. With the current housing market volatility – overpriced and highly competitive – it’s no surprise that some people are looking to Conex container homes to meet their housing needs. But, of course, it’s never as easy as just buying an old container, modifying it into a home, plopping it down on some land, and calling it a day. There are rules and regulations to consider, and, besides that, the land itself needs to be able to support such a structure. More than one Conex container has met its end, not from trips across the oceans, but because someone set it down without thinking about how long it would sit there and ruined the container in the process. That becomes a serious problem when said container is someone’s home.

Conex Container Homes – Preparing the Land

Preparing the land will require some research. So, first, make sure to ask if local regulations permit a prefabricated metal home to be allowed in the locale chosen. Also, make sure to look into any potential design issues. Home regulations at the town, city, county, and state-level can all get complicated, so know the local ordinances, state regulations, and laws. Then, of course, if there is a local Homeowners Association, check with them as well.

Presuming everything is approved, the land itself needs to be readied. Home or not, it is still a big steel box and will sink into the ground without a proper foundation. Concrete slabs are a good choice, as is gravel. For those who can get them, old railroad ties work, too. The idea is to keep the metal off of actual dirt to prevent rust and sinking.

If utilities are already available, it is pretty straightforward once the home is settled in place, hooking it up with water, septic or sewer, electrical, etc. These homes are designed for easy modification and adaptation as needed, so once it’s in place, everything else is a matter of contacting local contractors for the hook-ups. The exterior can be the original industrial look, or siding can be added. Considering how expensive homes are getting, those two are pretty good inducements to research if a Conex home is a potential solution.

Carolina Containers

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