Many businesses need mobility because they conduct their work temporarily at different locations. For this reason, they need a solution that enhances work productivity and offers ample space. A business has two options when it comes to this. They can either get a conventional office trailer or a  ground-level shipping container office.

Temporary Mobile Office Choices

Here is everything any business looking to have temporary space needs to know about this so they can make an informed decision.

Conventional Office Trailer

The Conventional Office Trailer (COT) is mounted on a metal base that has wheels. It sits above the ground, so it requires a set of stairs for people to enter this space. These stairs must be compliant with the Occupational Safety and Hazard (OSHA) requirements.

Ground Level Office

The Ground Level Office (GLO) is mainly a shipping container that has been turned into an office space. They don’t need stairs as they are set on the ground. Other than that, they are incredibly long-lasting and can withstand any climate or weather conditions.

Why GLOs Are Better

Here are a few reasons why businesses need a ground-level shipping container office:

Security – The main reason why businesses invest in GLOs is that they are very secure. The entire container is constructed from steel, so many people can’t break into it. If a great locking system is added, then a business is good to go. Conventional trailers can easily be broken into, which is one hazard no one needs for their business.

Durable – This type of shipping container office can last exceptionally long because it can survive any harsh weather conditions. It is best used as a storage space to keep those expensive supplies that may be ruined under extreme conditions.

Easily Relocated – While relocation, a business might experience some rough roads and terrain. A conventional trailer can get ruined on such roads but not a GLO. They can easily be moved from one place to another without being damaged, and so less expense and maintenance cost over time.

Carolina Containers

A ground shipping container office is an ideal choice because they are portable. They also don’t need stairs, and so there are no additional regulations with which to comply. Any business looking for a compact and sturdy temporary space should go for a GLO. Carolina Containers has a large selection of modified container offices. Call 919-562-9187 for more information.