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When you need on-site instant access to ground-level office space, our portable office is the perfect solution. Our office containers are made with durable high-quality materials that meet national and state building, electrical and mechanical codes and are supported by top-notch customer service. We offer our office containers for both sale and rental, to best fit your needs. Our mobile offices can be equipped with heat and AC to provide maximum comfort on your job site. We know how hot it can get outside in the south over the summer, a good AC system could go a very long way for you. Regardless of what business you’re in, this could be perfect for you. We mainly cater to construction companies and getting mobile offices on-site for them but we can truly do it for anyone. Say your office building is having a problem and will be unusable for a week – a mobile container can be parked exactly where you need it and you can continue to get your business done like nothing ever happened.

You may question the validity of a shipping container being used as an office, but they’re actually the perfect medium for this. More affordable and much sturdier than conventional construction trailers, shipping containers can be readily modified to create any kind of office environment, from bare-bones basic with a desk to including a boardroom and big table so you can have meetings with all of the people that you need. The ability to customize your space to your exact specifications is a big selling point for a lot of people. Our mobile offices are also going to be a lot more durable and secure than you average mobile office, you can count on all of your documents, computers, and more being kept safe.

Ground-level offices (GLOs), mobile office containers, container offices, security offices, portable offices —Whatever you call them they’re the best mobile office solution out there. Our drivers are extremely skilled and can get your office container parked exactly where you need it to be. Having an on-site office that you know you can reliably use and be comfortable in not only helps the morale of all involved, but it gives you a place to get quality work done and have meetings if you need to. It just makes a great, refreshing central meeting place.

Ground Level Portable Office

If the run of the mill average ground level office container isn’t going to cut it for you, then shipping container ground level offices are the way to go. Part of every business—even construction—is email, paperwork, and meetings. So many emails, so much paperwork, and so many meetings. When you need a quiet, climate-controlled workspace to get administrative work done, a ground-level container office is the best solution. The finished and painted interiors also create a nice area to host and visitors you may have. One massive advantage of a shipping container office is just the fact that they’re so much more durable than your run of the mill wooden trailer that you generally have found on construction sites. Conex containers are built to withstand just about anything and are completely mobile, they can be moved somewhat easily at your discretion. We are happy to offer portable office rentals, so for those times you need an office but only for a few weeks – we’ve got you covered.

Buy or Rent Construction Offices

Whether you’re on a construction site doing work or having work done on your building – a mobile office that can be dropped off right where you need it is the perfect solution for your problems. They’re superior to the old wooden trailers in just about every single way, we’ll list a few below.

  • Safe and Secure. Steel construction and sturdy doors for superior security of personnel and property.
  • Weather Resistance. Our office containers keep rain and snow out, they’re designed to beat the elements.
  • Durable. Our portable offices retain their value for decades, they’re made of extremely resistant metal.
  • Built-in Mobility. Easy to relocate around a job site or cross-country. Designed for mobility.
  • Reliable Comfort. Climate control systems keep the workspace comfortable. Allowing you to work more efficiently.

Uses for Your Ground Level Container Office

Construction: Any sizable construction office is going to need a good base of operations, and that’s just what we make our mobile ground-level offices for. They give you the space you need to layout plans and work the way you should. It also gives you a nice cool place to have crew meetings. These offices can have storage space added so you can store all the files and plans you need right on-site.

Break Rooms: On-site a lot of our container offices are used as a break room for overheated construction workers. A couple of chairs and a table turn it from an empty room to a place for people to relax. With electrical outlets in the office, you can have fans and tv running to keep people entertained and cool. Our top of the line HVAC units will give your workers the place they need to cool off in the summer and warm up in the winter protecting them from the dangers that the elements present.

Special Events: Special events and festivals are the perfect opportunities to use our mobile office containers. Often times festivals and special events are held in parks or open fields, which leaves you all the room you may need to use a shipping container office. Our office containers allow event managers to plan and organize operations while giving them a space to charge the electrical devices they depend on to get the job done. They can be used as main offices, meeting points, first aid station locations, and so much more in and around the Raleigh Triangle area. We’ll gladly rent out our container office to you so you can have a successful event!

If you’re ready to take the next step and order your container or need to contact us to get more information, please do!

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