When an industry is evolving, a lot of roadblocks and hiccups pop up. The shipping container industry is no different. There are many challenges, while most people think it’s a seamless industry. Below are some of the challenges that several leaders in the shipping container industry face.

Portable Shipping Container Raleigh NC: Industry Myths

Shipping Container Structures are Cheap

An unmodified shipping container is inexpensive. However, that cost is about 10% of the total for a modified shipping container. The balance includes electrical, carpentry, plumbing, site work, finishes, and other additions and changes. Therefore, the notion that container structures are cheap is false, and people need to change their mindset and choose to buy containers because they provide solutions, not because they are cheap.

The Industry is Young

The standardized metal shipping container industry began in the 1950s. Since then, the industry has expanded to using containers for various reasons, from extra storage to homes. The more the customization, the higher the cost for the customer. The industry continues to grow as the popularity of recycling containers into portable shops, eateries, and offices increases.

Modifications are Easy

Many people think they can alter a shipping container just because they have experience with welding or a home renovation. However, modifying a shipping container isn’t as easy as it seems. Faulty work ends up with compromised structural integrity, thus giving the industry a bad reputation. Most reputable companies have structural engineers on staff who have software to analyze every structure. This analysis is especially critical for multi-container designs.

Standards in Safety and Quality

As of now, container structures are regulated by states and local governments, and those regulations vary widely. Each entity has developed its own safety and quality standards. Unfortunately, there are no national organization standards. So it is wise to be cautious and research who you hire for modifications. Of course, any changes that include electrical or plumbing must meet standard codes of safety.

Standard Building Codes

Existing building codes weren’t meant for modified container structures. This situation makes these building codes challenging to follow. The codes are often opaque and inconsistent from locale to locale and even state to state. It is unclear what to follow and what not to follow and what even is being enforced.

Carolina Containers

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