One trip shipping containers are the perfect way to save money yet still get a quality shipping container. Most buyers assume that they need to get a brand new container or rent one for their business or personal needs. However, this is not necessarily true.

One Trip Shipping Containers

A single trip container has only been used once and is practically brand new. These containers are just as strong and effective as new containers. Also, you get way more value out of them. We’ll talk more about how you can benefit from these containers.

Save Money

These shipping containers cost less than a new shipping container because, like with many products, used is cheaper. Of course, you may not be able to purchase a used container locally, so that a transport fee may increase the cost. But, it will be worth every penny to buy a one-trip container.

Some people prefer to rent shipping containers, of course. But if you are renting a container for more than eighteen months, you will save money by getting a one-trip container.

Sell Your Container

If you rent a shipping container, you will return it at the end of the rental agreement. However, if you buy a one-trip container, you can sell it once your need is finished. As long as there is no apparent damage, your one trip container will retain its market value for many years.

Choose Different Sizes

Rental containers do not offer the same variety of options as one-trip containers. However, with a one-trip container, you will choose from all kinds of sizes!

Customize Container

Not only can you get a shipping container in any size you want, but buyers can also customize their one trip container. Rental containers cannot be tampered with or modified in any way. If you buy your container, though, you can do what you want to it.

Ship Things Right Away

One trip containers are ready to be used right away. Since they were already shipped out once, they have been pre-prepared for use.

Resistant To Corrosion

Best of all, these types of shipping containers stay tough for years to come. They are corrosion resistant and won’t break down anytime soon!

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