Shipping containers are proving to be incredibly versatile. While still an imperative component of international shipping, they are also being used by innovative company owners as a practical solution to their ever-increasing business needs.

Containers are used as temporary office space, outside restaurants, and even popup bars or cafes in outdoor markets. With more eyes on shipping containers for their versatility, many businesses are discovering their properties and durability. Let’s examine whether shipping containers are wholly waterproof and how they could serve any business’s needs.

Are Shipping Containers Waterproof?

The short answer is yes; shipping containers are waterproof. They are made of hard-wearing steel to protect their contents from the elements and drastic temperature variations. Steel in itself is not 100% waterproof and is susceptible to corrosion if not correctly treated. The good news is that responsible shipping companies (and business owners) will employ one or more of the following techniques to ensure their containers remain waterproof:

Apply Anti-Corrosion Coating

Coating the steel container in a special anti-corrosion paint can prevent water from pooling on the container and causing corrosion. Moreover, the coating protects against saltwater, wear and tear, and damage from the elements, increasing the container’s durability.

Perform Routine Maintenance

Given the adverse conditions shipping containers often face, rust or damage may occur over time. Any damage must be identified and repaired. If left unchecked, minor damage will cause small holes that allow water to enter the container.

Prevent Condensation

While some condensation is expected, it’s best practice to store your containers in a dry place resistant to drastic temperature fluctuations. This placement will prevent any excess water gathering and will prevent rust from forming on the surface.

How to Choose a Waterproof Shipping Container

When selecting a shipping container, perform some basic checks to ensure it is completely waterproof. Examine the rubber seals on all doors and fixings and check they’re unbroken, as these prevent moisture from entering the container. Check for rust and any other damages and request any breaks in the surface be fixed before buying or renting the container.

Containers’ Many Uses

Shipping containers are a cost-effective, eco-friendly storage and transportation solution for various products across numerous industries. Because they are versatile and durable, they are extremely popular with business owners in many different sectors. To ensure they last and protect your goods, you should make sure they are waterproof and protected from the elements by routinely checking and repairing them where necessary.

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