Our ground level office combo containers offer secure, convenient onsite office & storage space for an endless list of industry applications.

  • Job site Office & Storage
  • Break/Lunch Rooms
  • Construction Office & Meeting
  • Meeting Or Changing Rooms
  • Special Event Offices
  • Field Office Or Site Office
  • In Plant Office & Storage

Carolina Containers mobile office Portable Office and Storage combo units offer the perfect solution when you need a little bit of both. Combining the flexibility of storage and office space, our Storage Combo units and features of ground level office space with add on abilities of stacking more units on top of each other for added storage needs. They can be accessed with ladders. they are a top seller and are they provide security and value for virtually any on-site and off-site storage construction site project.

Our steel storage containers are ISO-grade shipping containers, highly secure built with high strength steel. These portable office containers and features turn any job site into a real temporary office environment. They can come insulated, heated, air conditioned, as well as come equipped with phone jacks and electrical outlets. These units come in 20’ and 40’ sizes. And with the add on’s such as 3×3 square tables and countertop work space, it gives you the ability to hold meetings with employees, clients and look over architectural plans and drawings.

Portable Storage Office Combo Unit Features

  • Ground office levels – no need for stairs
  • Secure – built with high strength steel
  • Heated and Air Conditioned
  • Electrical Outlets & Lighting
  • Insulated
  • Office & Storage Space
  • Phone Jacks
  • 20′ or 40′ combo units
  • 3×3 plan table
  • Countertop work surface

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