Shopping around for a shipping container can be stressful for anyone. Shipping containers get expensive, and for the untrained buyer, it can be hard to know what you even need to look out for. In addition, figuring out the exact shipping container model you need can be difficult. That’s not to mention that quality means everything with a shipping container. Many retailers will take good care of you, but some aren’t afraid to take advantage of the uninformed consumer. That’s where Carolina Containers come in to make a difference.

You need to know some things before you even begin shopping for a Conex container of any kind. On its most basic level – a shipping container is used to store and transport all types of goods and materials across the globe. From luxury cars to food and toys, most of the things we use and want in life were transported here on a shipping container. Unlike some other storage mediums, shipping containers are rigid, fireproof, and even waterproof to offer your goods the highest level of protection possible.

Shipping Container Sizes and Configurations

The most important thing to figure out is what size container will best meet your needs. Each different size and configuration of a shipping container has a different purpose. That’s why you must put forethought into what exactly you’ll be storing in your container.

Next, we must touch upon the materials used in a Conex container. It’s essential, both when buying or renting a shipping container, that you get an utterly rust-free one. This is extremely important for those that intend to do any long-term storage with your container. Quality modern-day shipping containers are made from treated solid metal, giving them a longer lifespan with less chance of rusting than traditional metals. A top-of-the-line retailer like Carolina Containers works hard to inspect and keep our entire inventory up to the highest degree of perfection possible.

Different containers can come in various designs and functions even of the same length. We have shipping containers that open only from the top, containers that have a side that opens completely, and so many things in between! Make sure to explore and ask about all the possible options at your disposal before deciding or settling.

Make Sure Your Budget is Reasonable

Before stepping fully into the shipping container purchasing process, you need to ensure the budget required to get something up to the quality you are looking for. There are thousands of shipping containers floating worldwide, but not all of them will be valued the same.

Shipping Container Size Options

The overall length measures the three main sizes in which you will find a shipping container. You’ll find a 10-foot variety, 20 feet, and finally 40 feet. As you could guess, these have vastly different carrying capacities, while smaller containers can fit places and do things that larger ones cannot. The last thing you want to do is buy far more space than you’ll ever need. Or even worse, not pick a large enough container with the area you need.

10ft Shipping Containers

Let’s start with the specific dimensions. These containers are just under 10 feet long and 8 feet wide. Since they are small, they are perfect for transporting around goods as well as sitting comfortably out of the way on your property. Many people come to us looking to use shipping containers to make moving easier. Think of it this way – you load all of your stuff up carefully into a container. Even the ten-footer will fit most of the average individuals’ belongings. Your shipping container can be sent to your new home or location ahead of you. Then when you physically arrive there, all of your stuff will already be waiting to be unloaded. These also work very well as static storage solutions. You can situate them neatly tucked away on your property. Just make sure to leave room for that door to swing open so you can access it! A 10-foot container can have a shallow profile when put in the right spot. Renting a 10ft shipping container is an excellent option if you need a little more temporary storage. In addition, Conex boxes can be converted into garages or offices according to your needs; the versatility is unmatched if you purchase a shipping container.

20ft Shipping Containers

The 20ft container, generally speaking, is the most popular variant that you’re going to see on the market. It’s not as limiting as the 10ft shipping container, but not as uncomfortably large as the 40ft can be in a smaller or more cramped environment. If you’re moving your entire family or clearing out a large home, this is probably going to be the solution for you. It’s also perfect for those that need a large amount of extra storage space on hand. We sell shipping containers to many construction companies; they are strong enough to protect any critical equipment at a job site. These, too, can be customized to an incredible degree. We can turn a 20ft container into a mobile office for you, and so much more.

40ft Shipping Containers

This unit is the largest-sized shipping container available for rent and purchase. It’s a perfect solution for more significant operations like a business moving to a new location, long-term storage for a seasonal business, and so much more. But, of course, you have to have a lot of stuff to fill one of these and still need room. Are you running a sizeable operation out of your home? Well, the 40-foot container could be precisely the storage solution you have needed all along.

Carolina Containers

So, the size shipping container you need is ultimately dependent upon your immediate storage needs and if you plan to move the container or keep it in one place. The shipping container experts at Carolina Containers are ready to help anyone across central North Carolina get the Conex container you need for an affordable price. Call 919-562-9187 and see what we can do for you.