In times of a health crisis, storing personal protective equipment for easy access where it’s safe is vital. The COVID-19 pandemic has stretched many medical supply distribution networks to their limits and beyond. Businesses are increasingly turning to creative solutions with varied results to overcome logistical difficulties.

Custom Storage Containers

One of the solutions is to transform shipping containers into custom storage containers. Shipping containers are already incredibly versatile, durable, and reliable, so it’s little wonder they are utilized in a crisis. Shipping containers are, at their most basic, a massive steel box. While that’s great for shipping most items without issue, PPE needs extra care to remain safe. Humidity and temperature are essential in medical storage, and a metal box on its own is not very good at controlling either of those.

PPE Storage

Storing PPE in a hospital or clinic is, of course, ideal, but the quantities involved during a pandemic mean such facilities don’t have the available space for all of what they need. Worse, if one facility has a surplus and needs to send supplies to an area in need, doing so quickly can save lives.

Fortunately, shipping containers are straightforward to modify. With some added insulation and temperature control equipment, a shipping container can transform into proper PPE storage. The process does take some work, but it’s certainly easier than trying to find more storage space in an overcrowded and harried medical facility.

Modifying Shipping Containers

The mentioned modifications can quickly be done to as many or as few containers as needed, as is often the case when modifying shipping containers for some other use. The containers can be used to transport equipment or even sent empty to a location that needs extra storage.

Custom storage containers have a multitude of uses. Extra storage for PPE in a medical crisis, such as a worldwide pandemic, is one such potential use. It doesn’t take much to allow the containers to hold PPE safely, not only on location but also on the road to help supply other locations. Times of crisis call for creative solutions and shipping containers are great for solving logistics problems. They’re numerous, cheap, easy to transport, and easy to modify. With the right adjustments, their use for storage can help save lives and ensure people get the PPE they desperately need during this medical crisis and beyond.

Carolina Containers

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